TW1 & TW11 Massage

The new Sports & Remedial Massage clinic based at Foundry Fitness in Fulwell Teddington for midweek appointments is now up and running.  Now I turn my attentions to my Friday and Saturday clinics based at The Balanced Body Clinic in central Twickenham, opening this Saturday 12 March!

Treatments available at both clinics are:
Sports Massage
For maintenance and prevention of injury.  This technique removes lactic acid from the muscles built up from regular exercise. Regular treatment can seek out tightness in the muscles before it builds up and results in injury imposing rest from sport.
Remedial Massage
Ideal for resolving muscular injuries, aches and pains whether they be sports or postural related.  You don’t have to be an avid sports person to suffer from aches and pains.  Remedial massage is also good if you’ve been spending too many hours sat at a PC!
Holistic Massage
Maybe you just have a busy life and want some ‘me’ time to relax and feel the tension melt away.  Holistic Massage is a lighter touch; a more general massage and does not normally address any specific pain problems.  If you really want some ‘me’ time, you are welcome to bring your own music and link into my speaker via bluetooth!
Pregnancy Massage
Specifically for during pregnancy, but always after 1st trimester.  I will require written confirmation from your GP or Midwife and will provide a standard letter for you to get the signed confirmation that massage does not pose a risk to you or your baby during your pregnancy.
Myofascial Release
Received on its own, this is an extremely powerful technique used on dry skin (no oils or creams).  It works on the connective tissues that support the body.  MFR is extremely useful for treating ITB problems, runners knee, achilles problems, frozen shoulders, headaches, shoulder pain and low back pain.  I often use this technique as part of a Remedial massage treatment.
Often combined with Myofascial Release as scars are formed of the same type as connective tissue. ScarWork is a treatment specifically aimed at releasing scars that cause a pulling sensation, restriction or are hard, lumpy and unsightly.


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