Myofascial Release for chronic pain works again!

The reason I love my job is when I get this sort of feedback from a client!

When doing my job I find it sad to hear stories from some clients about how much their pain is affecting their lives. Equally, it’s wonderful to hear how well they’re feeling after a musculoskeletal treatment (with no prescribed drugs to add to the imbalance of their body).

Here’s a couple of texts I received from a client today..’Hi Anita, hope you are well. I thought you might to like to know how am doing with muscles. I must admit, I feel the best since long time. The pain has vanished 90 percent which is amazing. I am able to work out lightly and very happy. Thnk u so much’…’Seriously, can’t thank you enough. You got me out of bed. That’s how bad I was. I am now trying to get back into fitness slowly. X’

It was lovely for me to hear this news, however there’s still a little more work to do even though we’re heading in the right direction!

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