Marathon Massage for runners!

Its great news to hear you’re a marathon runner.  Marathon massage will help you achieve your goal. As you increase your marathon training miles, you may find that sadly your recovery time also increases!  Many running articles you read will recommend having regular sports massage as maintenance to prevent injuries.

As your marathon miles increase, so does the lactic acid in your legs.  Sports massage will increase the blood flow by releasing muscles fibres that have become locked.  When a muscles is active, whether to perform an action as active as running, or to stabilise while you are sitting, knots and tightness form in those muscles.  For a marathon runner most tightness and injuries occur in the legs.

Its a really good idea to consider starting to have sports massage treatments early on in your marathon training before you’re in pain and in desperate need, so that you can establish a good ‘working’ relationship with your therapist to achieve effective results.