Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a therapeutic treatment generally for those people who want the emphasis to be on relaxation – specific pain conditions are not normally treated by Holistic Massage (Sports or Remedial Massage may be more appropriate in these instances). During your consultation it is fine to mention tight or sore muscles and these can certainly be addressed during the session, but not to the same extent as in a sports massage session. At your Holistic treatment for a full body (1½hr) or back, neck and shoulder (45 minutes) treatment session you will be made as comfortable as possible on the massage couch and then, apart from possibly being asked to turn over once, you won’t be required to move and are welcome to fall asleep again! Generally you will feel no “grateful pain” during a Holistic massage, although if you prefer to receive a deeper pressure do say so as this can be incorporated into your treatment.